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Love   Joy  Freedom


Artist    Author    Art Facilitator

IDENTITY    defined by love

Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who cares about me? Why do I hate myself? Why am I so angry? Why can't I be loved and show love?


If any of these questions have crossed your mind, you are not alone.

'Identity - defined by love,' addresses these big questions through 52 paintings of girls with a message and a love letter based on scripture that addresses these questions and so much more: You will discover that you are worthy, valuable and unconditionally loved. 


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Paint Parties

Paint Parties are for everyone!


Corporate Team building events, Youth groups, Women's groups, and Seniors.

Jenny McConnell has facilitated art events for 10 years and has all the supplies to come to your establishment and facilitate an art workshop or experience.

Art Workshops


Jenny will provide 2-3 examples for you to choose from and help with the steps needed to produce a finished product.  Jenny encourages people to create their own version. There is no right or wrong and all art will look different, not better or worse.

Comparison is not an option. You and your artwork is unique and beautiful. 

Art Experiences


Jenny's fun painting party experiences are great team building events where the aim is to let go and enjoy the process without worrying about the outcome. Jenny can bring the supplies for you to paint individually or together on a large canvas. Experience creative confidence in a unique way. 


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