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First painting sold to Andrea - July 2016

Andrea Moved to Tears


I sold my first painting at the Lotus Gallery Art Walk towards the end of July. As I was setting up, a lady called Andrea did a U-turn in her car to see this painting called 'The Temptation' 5 hours later she turned up with her father who bought it for her. She was moved to tears by the write-up that accompanies the painting.


I was so blessed that day. It was a thrill to sell my first piece and to touch the heart of someone.

Second painting sold - October 2016

Encouraged to Read Scripture for the first time


This lady saw 'Tree of Life' at the Edmonton Art Walk in July 2016.  She bought it three months afterwas. She was not a Christian but said she was keen to look up all the scripture I used in the background of the painting. It sold for $850.

Third painting sold to Angela - August 2016

Angela Touched

She had a friend who passed away who kept drawing the tree of life for her and more recently she had a prophetic word over her that said she was like a tree with roots that went down in the earth and the leaves give fruit and healing to others.

Forth painting sold to Marilyn - August 2016

First Commission piece


When I told Marylin that I was a painter a month ago, she felt in her spirit that I was a prophetic painter and asked me to paint a piece for her. I asked God what He would like me to paint. Immediately an image came to mind that I had seen before and I couldn't shake it. I asked God what scripture should accompany it and 2 Corinthians 5:17 immediately came to mind. The next morning I randomly opened my devotion, and it was the same scripture. For me, this was confirmation.


I started painting and realised how red it was, when it came to the flowers, I asked Marylin what colors she would like for her home, she said "fall" colors. I was overjoyed because these were the colors of the painting.


When Marilyn saw the painting, she began to cry. We both saw that I had accidently painted a knights head close to hers. 

Fourth Painting for Keri-Lynn  - September 2017

Commissioned for a Cause


Kerri-Lynn asked me to do a painting for a cause and rally, 'Stand Up for Maherwar' A painting that would represent all Christian Pakistani Christians being persecuted in Pakistan for their faith.


The image of the statue of a woman holding up a baby at Hawrelak Park in Edmonton came to mind while sleeping that night, but chains breaking instead, and with the words: 'Breaking the Silence' came to mind. All based on Isaiah 58.

There is so much symbolism in this painting that I didn't even know or intend.


I did not know this initially, but that statue actually represents Ukrainian families seeking asylum in Edmonton from persecution, it is called; 'New Life... New Beginnings.' In the painting, the word silence around her loin area is very significant because young girls are sometimes raped and sexually assaulted and then are told to keep quiet or the whole family will be under threat.


The wall is in the scripture and says,  we will be 'called repairer of broken walls' This is very significant because young girls are sometimes taken right in front of the family inside their home and married off. The very framework of their society in which they live is broken and the walls which are built and meant to protect them, does not.


I "accidentally" painted a heart near her throat area. Kerri -Lynn was saying that the idiom emphasizes the inability to speak when filled with emotion or fear, it can also symbolize the need for us to rise up in love for these women and be the voice they can't be for themselves.

Front Page of Mosaic Magazine - May 2018

First Donation to Jasper Wellness Center

First Art Feature


Connie asked if I would submit an article and be a featured artist in her magazine for the May 2018 edition.


She also bought 'She Seeks Truth.' I was humbled and grateful to have my painting on the front cover of a magazine that is so widely distributed throughout Alberta and Vancouver.


After this, I sold over 70 paintings of 'She Art' and pledged 50% of the profits to 'International Justice Mission' - fighting for the freedom of young girls and women who are captured for sex slavery.


Donated to the Jasper Wellness Center

I volunteered and ran workshops for women in need and donated these two paintings to their shelter.

First Gallery


Hanging at 'Bleeding Heart Gallery'

A Christian gallery. This later sold. Called: 'No condemnation.' Jesus does not condemn anyone, for all have sinned and all fall short of God's glory. 

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